It’s official. 

You’re invited - heart, soul and hands, to a weekend of colour. 

This is not just a paint session, it’s a heart session. The paints are merely a decoy to reignite your soul— to remind you that you were made for so much more.


Available spots:


9AM - 11AM


12PM - 2PM







17 12 17 - the new numbers of courage.

This weekend, C O L O U R E T R E A T was a wrap that concluded in a bunch of warm hearts and gorgeous art. 

2017 has been an incredible year of both highs and lows; every high tattooed on different parts of my heart and every moment of low a lesson of perspective, strength and hope. 

Coming back from the dreamy Sydney stint meant a conscious decision to live out all that I learnt in my time there. It also meant finding a new home and space for my now bigger heart and braver dreams. And so, with the help of some of the best people in the world, C O L O U R E T R E A T happened. 

My deepest desire for it was to connect people together, and hopefully if the year hasn't felt or looked as beautiful as the expectations on the first page of their 2017 diaries, that they would have a chance to create something beautiful in the session and realise that we have more in our hands than we often feel. 

Before it gets buried in the grid, thanks Jared for being the first "yes" to my little dream. For availing your GORGEOUS space for this session and making it hard for me to retract my idea (HAHA.)

Thanks Boo, for loving on the people with your epic cold brew... For getting the glass bottles and spending the nights after your insane day schedule to filter the coffee. And Ruthe for creating the cutest labels!

Thanks to every person that sent me your prayers and texts before the 17th; for praying up such an effortless afternoon and for showing me in your own ways that you were and always will be rooting for my dreams - regardless of scale hehe.

Thank you for investing time, your stories and your heart into this intimate little session Ally, Haixin, Pearle, Caris, Tim, Jeralyn, Stooffi, Xue Han. For being the first of many more. You made my heart so full!

Thanks to everyone else that sent your love and interest in coming (it was more encouraging to my blue heart than you'll imagine ever) - hoping we'll find a larger space next year so that more people can come and join in the colour x

FINALLY. Saving this mega appreciation for LUCY - who troopered the whole way with me, running about to transport canvases, paints and everything needed for the day. For really having my back the whole time and for dispensing car rides, encouragement, endless laughter and the list goes on. Wouldn't have been able to pull off COLOURETREAT without you FAM.


All this to say, it does take a village to make a dream happen. Till the next one in 2018???? Spreading wuv and good vibes hehe




Making space.

The most magical part about believing in someone else’s dream, is when you find hints of your own appearing on the same canvas and in turn, realizing once again that we’re not all that different or alone.

Most times, the people you should keep closest to you are already close by — and if they’re casually floating past your window grill, find the courage to reach out and offer warmth and offer space and offer time. Our world often portrays a facade where the other side of our screens look more sparkly, unconsciously or consciously making us take for granted the potential fires already started nearby. Do a little spin around today and hold the good ones tighter and the already tight ones good.



Wes Anderissa


In the past weekend, I kidnapped a fellow unicorn to the most inaccessible corner of Singapore
and we built our own little world in the comfort of the cleanest public bathroom you'll ever see photographed. 

Thanks for being the cutest sport ever Lucy. 

35mm incoming!!




These moments I'm about to reminisce are still a blur of hours undone.

10 weeks of perfect sunsets, of brilliant colour hues, of kindness, courage, bravery, friendship... of home-cooked meals, oh the many walls I got to photograph against and the many other walls I wish I did. 

10 weeks of tears, uncertainty, and fears; of forever moments and the ones lost in between, of google maps, gluten free brownies and dreaming and dreamers. 

Sydney, Sydney... I wonder if she thinks of me as fondly as I do her beautiful skies. 


It's funny 'tho, through those two and a half months, I reckoned Sydney closely to Singapore alike and I still do.  

The city is small after awhile; you find yourself hiding in the comfort of the same few places once you've gotten around enough. You make repetitive rounds if you're a creature of habit like me (well, somewhat considering I'm supposedly the creative type #theysayone); eat from the same sushi stand, leave the house at that exact time of the morning each day, the trains feel less complicated and the routine bleeds into your veins. You start to understand the air and time your weekly hair washes... (fun fact: washing your hair every day isn't actually good for your mane!!! is this. news. of. comfort. or disgust. #pleasedontunfriendme) 

Perhaps the most magical of differences were the skies (AND undoubtedly, winter weather yumyumyum). Sydney consistently presented a clear blue through the days, and ended unfailingly with a paddlepop spill of colour across the evenings. 

The spirit of this colourful nation was fuel by consistent collaboration, kindness and creativity - and that was something I promised myself I'd come home with. 

Sydney taught me so much about the more I'd always long to experience - that there was more in this world; more to see, more to love, more to know, more to give, more to feel... that there was an endless and infinite more. But beyond the more externally, was to be the more that was waiting to come from within, wherever my feet found itself, with whoever my heart was present with, and in whatever my hands did. 

I got to meet some of my heroes, and realised how human we all really were, empowered with a time and chance that no amount of dollars could ever buy. I learnt how kindness will continually win in this life, if not situations sometimes, a good night's sleep always. I saw how love would travel 8 hours and find you, no matter the distance. I felt fearlessness, in a bleak silence of uncertainty and a hope that failed to fail me through countless periods of no-answers. I learnt to cook more than just eggs, and I got to cook for some people dear to my heart. 

The list goes on.

There are too many things to say about my time across the ocean and perhaps I'll take the next few months, maybe years to pen these moments... but I've missed home too. And somehow, as much as Sydney felt like the most ideal place for my Heue-man (geddit geddit), there was nothing that could replace the feeling of my tired feet dragging across the arrival terminal of Changi Airport. The adrenaline rush that came with flashes of the faces of those I love and missed dearly, the comfort of the arms of home after those months and a bowl of tau huey.

So. Welcome home, sam. And here's to the spirit of all those I've kidnapped from Sydney into my heart and back, to this humid little island, and the stories that will continue to live on and inspire my hands here. Thank you for the beautiful ride. 

Below are some more pieces of NSW; most of these caught on film / prolly didn't make it into the portfolio reel, enjoy!



(dear friend, sydney housemate, music producer of my upcoming ep, and the epitome of awkward dance.)

(dear friend, sydney housemate, music producer of my upcoming ep, and the epitome of awkward dance.)



So thank you again, Sydney. & thank you thank you thank you, Sydney-siders of my heart. Till we meet again.