(occasional unicorn gypsy)
*Survives mostly on 35mm film rolls & buckets and buckets of paint

Hello wonder soul. Thanks for stopping by. (it means so much to me) This space was put together in hopes to inspire you to be brave in your own way. I’ve learnt that it takes new courage and continuous honesty to create beautiful things —

Long story short, keep scrolling downwards.
But if you’d like to get to know me a little more, I did an interview with RCGNTN that packs the journey
here x

Sam Auditeur (HEUE) creates art in various mediums documenting the stories of those in between estrangement and reconciliation. Her childhood dream of colour-grading the world is now being harnessed with a brush in hand. She paints abstraction as a type of portraiture, mirroring the narratives of her encounters with people and places.

Her obsession with colours remedy nostalgia and are a retrospect to surviving this beautiful madness that is life. 


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